Monday, February 27, 2012

Smoking Blunder Vs. Smoke and Thunder

For those folks that read this that don't follow other "gunny" blogs... a guy, who will remain nameless (mainly because it was never worth learning his name in the first place) created a "Gun Enthusiast's Social Network" called Smoke and Thunder.  He'd said it wasn't a blog and that all gun blogs should be shut down because there were too many of them... things like that.  Might have been interesting, except he created fake profiles for just about every gun blogger he could find.  I was fortunate enough to escape his compilation, so I can just sit back and laugh about the whole thing.  BUUUUUUTTTTT... when said bloggers came forward to claim their profiles and delete their profiles... he threw a hissy and locked it off from outside access and turned it into... wait for it... His personal rant blog.

Now I don't know if the claims that the Brady's and other anti-gunners were behind the whole thing are true or not, so I won't comment on that, but his rants got bad enough that a parody site was created for it... Smoking Blunder... (and no, I'm not putting in links to either of them, but you have google... that's what it's there for.)  Which was a stroke of genius... (ok you talked me into it... Smoking Blunder) and really summed up his attitude when everyone (rightfully) claimed copy write infringement for copying info for the fake profiles.

Anyway... I just went to see if he had any comment on his "personal gun blog" about the parody... and found... THIS!!!

For the record... I didn't do it... don't know who did... and don't want to know who did... but you rock, whoever you are. (even if you're Everett Ladd... I'd still give you props on this one, even if you did ban me on your stupid FB group.)

Tagbacks to the following: The Minuteman, Weer'd World, Gun Free Zone, and No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money (sorry guys, I only know a few of you by name so far)  

PS> If I commented on your blogs and you'd already noticed the hack/takedown and posted a later note... Oops... teach me to check a little better now... and I'm sorry.

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